O que significa Sleep Music?

Today, lo-fi music doesn’t just refer to a quality level or style of music, but an entire genre with a veritable family tree of genres spawning off of it. There are plenty of names for the lo-fi subgenre of electronic music but you’ll mostly see it referred to as lo-fi hip-hop or chill hop. 

Lo-fi began to be recognized as a style of popular music in the 1990s, when it became alternately referred to as DIY music (from "do it yourself").[1] Some subsets of lo-fi music have become popular for their perceived nostalgic and/or relaxing qualities, which originate from the imperfections that define the genre.

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These downtempo elements provide a steady and comforting backdrop for the lofi sound, allowing the listener to sink into a state of tranquility.

Lofi hip hop draws influences from both jazz and hip hop. The use of jazzy chords, smooth saxophone riffs, and laid-back drum patterns gives the music a relaxed and nostalgic feel. It is often associated with late-night studying and relaxing, as it provides a calming and focus-enhancing backdrop.

The mixing and mastering stage is crucial in achieving the desired sound and balance in a lofi track. Here are some considerations and techniques employed during the mixing and mastering process:

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Balancing the Elements: In lofi music, it is essential to strike a delicate balance between the different elements of a track.

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These subtle background noises contribute to the overall lofi aesthetic and help transport the listener to a different time and place.

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Around the same time, people started having much easier access to music and sound-editing software on their home computers.

There are plenty of lo-fi music stations with all kinds of playlists. Study stations have slightly faster beats that do a better job of brain stimulation, while sleep stations are mostly made of music to help you relax.

Lo-fi today includes those noises on tracks as an artistic choice. It’s part of why most of the music has a retro vibe to it because it has the same sounds we would hear when we played music years ago. 

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